UCAS is a central application form for undergraduate level in the United Kingdoms. It is a service that the universities across U.K. have subscribed to in order to ease the application process. Most universities ONLY accept application through the UCAS.

One should evaluate and fill the form with correct and detailed information and correct documents to ensure that the right information reaches the university thereby ensuring an admission in your choice of university

Before you get started:

  • Check the last dates for entry. There are certain deadlines for certain courses, be sure that you make your application before that.
  • Check and keep all your documents handy to fill the detail. You will need mark sheets from your high school with relevant marks
    • X XI and XII grade.
    • O level , A levels.
    • High School Diploma.
    • AP’s and AS certificates.
  • Write your Statement of Purpose.
  • Get the recommendation letters ready. If you’re applying through a school or college, this section will be completed by your referee there. If you’re applying independently, your referee should write the reference and give it to you, so that you can complete the section
  • Check the UCAS codes for the courses that you have decided upon
  • Enter your employment details. In case you have no employment history, even then you are required to complete the section. Just fill it with NA.

You can apply even before your receive the marks from your final exams. Complete the portion with the Due date of the exams/results and with projected marks (if available). The university makes an offer as a conditional offer, which can be converted into an unconditional offer once you comply with the condition.

You are required to fill the UCAS in the following order:

  • Registration
  • Personal details
  • Additional information (UK applicants only)
  • Student finance (UK applicants only)
  • Choices
  • Education

You are required to fill the UCAS in the following order:

  • Employment
  • Personal statement
  • Reference
  • View all details
  • Declaration
  • Pay and send
  • Application form is available at www.UCAS.com
  • Ensure you have the following documents before you begin:
    • Mark sheets
    • Statement of Purpose
  • Check the application deadlines as applicable
  • Make your choices:
    • 5 universities
    • 5 courses

    Note: You can choose 5 courses at the same university or 5 courses at 5 different universities in whatever combination that you like.

  • Ensure that you fill the correct UCAS code for the courses.
  • Fill the relevant information carefully:

    Personal Details
    Your personal details should be filled carefully with the present contact details.
    Education qualification

    • X XI and XII scores (CBSE/ ICSE)
    • AS Level Scores
    • O level and the projected Scores for A Level
    • Higher Education Diploma

    NOTE: You can fill the UCAS form even before you receive your final scores. Leave the section with the due dates. Ideally you would then receive a CONDITIONAL offer that states that if you thereby fulfill their condition, the university will grant you admission.

    Recommendation letter
    Recommendation letter comes directly from your referee. The referee will receive their codes and they have to personally fill the letter.

    Statement of Purpose
    Ensure that the statement of purpose is well written and is grammatically correct. Write within the space provided and the maximum number characters available.

    Portfolio for Art and Design, Architecture Courses
    Find out how the university expects the portfolio. A university representative can help you with the same. Usually a C.D with your portfolio is submitted.

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