One of the leading Education Consultants and Approved Academic Counselor in the UAE since 2003, International Placewell Consultants, Gulf an ISO 9001:2008 company is licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Abu Dhabi to represent leading Universities and Colleges worldwide.Since its inception, IPC, Gulf has successfully placed students to various International Universities worldwide. Each student who realizes the dream of their choice of college helps us achieve a level of satisfaction for our own company. So it is true when we say that The Student Satisfaction is indeed our tool to measure our own success in this region.

Our first step is UNDERSTANDING THE STUDENT. We take great pains in understanding what the NEEDS of our student are. We understand that the needs of the student (and the parents) effectively decide what university they go to. The choice of university is therefore as varied as the need of the student. The next step is to ascertain the AIM of the student. It is this aim that holds the key to making the choice. The NEED and the AIM of the student together determine the PATH that needs to be taken. Our experienced team helps you find the answers to these queries before we find the best match for you.

IPC, Gulf represents top ranked universities worldwide. Our portfolio ensures that there is a UNIVERSITY and a COURSE that you can choose from. We assist and guide the students to make a DECISION that is best suited to them.

We match the grades and requirements to the universities that we represent and arrive at the best match for our students. We take utmost care in identifying the BEST FIT for you. The BEST CHOICE is one where both you and the university find the BEST FIT. Our experience gives us the insight into this very important factor. We help you indentify the fit before we embark on this journey with you.IPC, Gulf assists you at every stage of the application, we hold your hand throughout the procedure.

Our expertise in the area ensures that we know the requirements and documentation at each step and we ensure that you are always well equipped to sail through every stage whether it is application process, accommodation or Visa application.Our experienced team of special consultants possesses a comprehensive understanding of academic institutions, current information on latest developments and sound understanding of the issues concerning academic, personal and financial matters relevant to both parents and students.From our head office in Dubai – UAE – we provide career counseling, visa assistance and admissions for students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Our staff provides personal and confidential advice and counseling for:

  • General enquiries
  • Courses available
  • Structure of courses; yearly schedule
  • English Language Program and requirements i.e. IELTS/TOEFL
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses
  • Qualifying criteria and requirements
  • Application Process
  • UCAS guidance
  • Admissions process and documentation required
  • How to complete application forms
  • Receiving offers
  • Tuition fees and deposits
  • Scholarships, bursaries and financial assistance
  • Payments procedures
  • Visa procedures, form filling and documents required
  • Proof of finance required for the visa process
  • Pre-departure briefings and induction program
  • Accommodation booking procedures
  • Arrival in the UK and immigration procedures
  • Arrivals and receiving services
  • Acclimatization
  • Medical issues

In addition, each applicant is assisted in making informed choices and completing admission formalities with:

  • Provision of applications forms
  • Assistance with completion of forms ensuring all requested information requested has been entered and completed
  • Conduct check for all supporting documents
  • Update all records
  • Forward application to chosen institution/s
  • Obtain response on behalf of student
  • If response is positive obtain conditional offer for student
  • Obtain unconditional offer
  • If response is negative, apply to alternative institution after conferring with student
  • Provide additional training via the internet, bulletin boards, sessions held at our offices conducted by International Officers from various institutions we represent

The team at IPC is dedicated to constantly monitor any changes in education requirements and admission procedures regionally and ensure that the highest standards are met and our services are regularly benchmarked to meet your expectations.

We obtain and track continuous feedback from those who utilize our services in order to meet our aim of Achieving Highest Ethical Standards.

Our expertise in the area ensures that we know the requirements and documentation at each step and we ensure that you are always well equipped to sail through every stage

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