The journey that you are about to take is going to be both beautiful and fulfilling. You are going to learn and experience new things and take a step towards your goal. But before you start the actual journey, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.


  • Ensure that you have applied for the ‘University Accommodation’ before the ‘last date’, as mentioned by your respective university.
  • Ensure that your have mentioned the accommodation Type- single, sharing, uni-sex.
  • Paid the deposits at the university if required.
  • If you have chosen to stay at ‘Private Accommodation’, confirm its location and carry necessary documents that state the terms and conditions that you have agreed upon.
  • Carry appropriate bedding or pre-order a bedding pack.


  • Confirm your travel arrangements
  • The tickets and passport with a valid passport should be confirmed and checked to travel from your country of residence to the country where you wish to study.
  • Ensure that the airport pick up is confirmed. Universities usually have certain dates when they arrange for “university pick up” from the airport. Check for these dates, confirm and register with the University for this Service. This would make your travel to the university easier.
  • Book your travel mode in advance if you are traveling by private means. The university can help you give the numbers of the taxi services that they patronize for your convenience.


Having a bank account is essential for many services you may require during your stay in the foreign country. You should check with the university and make arrangements for the same, so that you are not making arrangements for the banking as soon as you reach your destination.

Police Registration

  • Some countries require for the international student to register with the police as soon as they come to the country. This is for your own safety and you should comply with this.
  • Check with the university if this is a requirement. Check your passport, if it is stamped to register with the police.
  • The university helps you with the registration if it is required. The website of your university will also have the police registration requirements and procedure.


University may require you to fill a registration form before you reach the university to confirm your arrival. Check the website or the ‘Arrival Kit’ to see if you are required to fill any such from.


The immigration procedure for each of the country varies on some account. Make sure that you have all the documents ready for inspection on arrival. A brief outline of the required documents is given here:

United Kingdom

  • Valid Passport
  • Student visa
  • Appropriate visa for family members travelling /staying with you
  • ATAS certificate (if required) for postgraduate students

The immigration officer may wish to examine all the documents at the time of immigration. Please carry ‘ALL ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS’ in your ‘HAND LUGGAGE’ for ready inspection.

It is known, that sometimes the immigration officer might interview you at the immigration. They try to establish your English at this point of time. They have a right to do so and hence sometimes may put this to exercise. Do not panic at this point and clearly answer all the questions.

The immigration officer might ask you to produce your Accounts statement that you had produced in order to get the Visa. You should be able to produce the same documents. Make sure that you carry a copy with you in your hand luggage for their reference. This is not a usual exercise, but they are known to do so in the past so be prepared.

Ensure that you have the TELEPHONE NUMBER of the university and of the “INTERNATIONAL ADVISOR” in case you need any help and advice.


  • Valid Passport
  • Non-immigrant visa and certificate of eligibility (I-20 or DS-2019)
  • Arrival-departure record form will be filled.
  • U.S customs and Border protection take biometric fingerprints and photograph.
  • Contact information of the student advisor from your university/college
  • Birth certificate and marriage certificate
  • Medical documents with certificate of the required immunization
  • Original academic transcripts
  • Acceptance letter from the college/university


  • Check the list of vaccines that you are required to have. Each country has a specific list that they recommend the students to have had before they enter the country.
  • The immigration officer might demand the doctor’s certificate to validate the vaccine at the time of immigration.
  • Check the website of the university that you are planning to study at to see the list of the recommended vaccine.


Ensure that you have the following before you embark your journey:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Student Visa
  • Tickets for travel for the entire journey, if your journey breaks in the middle.
  • Original certificate and mark sheets
  • Original unconditional offer letter from the university or the acceptance letter
  • Original document for the IELTS, TOEFL SAT’s and any other admission tests which are required.
  • Telephone number of the University Help Desk and International Officer
  • Telephone number for the Airport Travel
  • Appropriate currency
  • Appropriate clothing
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