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The universities make regular visit to the Middle East. The purpose of the visit is to allow the students to meet the international officers in their own country and clear all the doubts.

  • You can clear any doubts that you have. They have almost complete information about the university and the course. In case you have a question that they cannot answer, then you can rest assure that they would find the answer for you.
  • They often understand and decide whether you are qualified for the subject that you are applying for.
  • They can attest the original documents for you (wherever required). They give you suggestion on completing the document if required.
  • The international officers from some university have the authority to make offers to the student ON THE SPOT. They assess your documents and transcripts and can take a decision right there and then if they are satisfies with the information, saving you the time and the tension to wait for the reply.
  • In most cases, when an application is made to the international officer, they carry the information back with them and present your case to the concerned school for the admission. It ensures a quicker decision and a quicker response.

Check our web-site for the University Visits or Contact Us for relative information. The Web-Site of the Universities also has their planned visits listed, so you could alternatively check that and fix an appointment.

The interviews are conducted at IPC, Gulf Office based in Knowledge Village and are by appointment only.

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