Dear Students,

I established International Placewell Consultants, Gulf in Dubai in 2003 after completing my MBA in UK. When I stood at the doorstep of my dreams (just as you are today) there were many a doors that were locked. The doors looked large and daunting to me back then and every step was just creating more confusion. Every time I reached to unlock one, I often foundmyself with the wrong key. The process was not impossible but was clearly tricky (to say the least). Although to be fair, once I did reach the University of Wales, I looked back and thought – It was worth all the trouble. My Future was beginning from there!

Returning after my education, I thought to myself, let’s make these keys easily available and I started this venture with the support of just one University. Since then tiny steps in the right direction has enabled me to proudly represent the TOP RANKED universities from across the globe.
I have experiences that the very first junction for most of you creates the most confusion. WHICH COURSE? WHICH UNIVERSITY?

Last 15 years of working in this industry and working closely with the universities, has enabled my company to establish tools which help you find the answers to these queries. As a student what is most important for you is to first establish your very own destination. Time and again I say (and truly believe) that destination (some call it destiny) is unique for you and therefore the route that you will choose will also be unique. It is rarely beneficial if we agree to CLONE our path to match someone else’s path. After all, their destination may effectively be completely different. When was the last time you disembarked at a station just because your friend/ mentor did?

My first and foremost concern for the students, who walk into IPC, is that they should first take stock of what is best for them. Establish a route that is based on your abilities, skills and interests. A path or a course that highlights and takes forward your strengths and enable you to overcome the shortfalls. It is important to find a university which is your RIGHT FIT. Most universities are looking for students who are a right FIT for them too. Therefore, it is imperative that together, we find not just a GOOD ENOUGH university for you, but find the RIGHT MATCH.
I understand what the universities require of their students, I understand what the universities are looking for to fill their highly competitive seats. I transform all of this knowledge into preparing you to get there. IPC, Gulf strives to provide services to you that are in YOUR BEST INTEREST.

I hope that when you come to IPC, Gulf to start on this journey for your future it will be less confusing, less tricky and above all it will be a journey that will take you to YOUR CHOSEN DESTINATION. After all, the journey that you embark upon today will set the route for your entire future, so choose it with care.
Wishing you the very best for your Higher Education. Let me be help you get there!!
I look forward to seeing you at my office.

Yours Sincerely
Pujan Mittal
Managing Director
International Placewell Consultants

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