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A student usually chooses a course based on the following:

  • Interest
  • Abilities
  • Career path
  • Work experience
  • Employability
  • Finances

While each of these factors is important, each of them holds different weight for different students. For one, interest can be the deciding factor, for another the employability could be of utmost importance.

It is therefore important to understand why you want to study the course that you have shortlisted. Even though at undergraduate level it is possible to shift, in some cases, your choice of course in the second year, yet it is very important that you should know what subject that you wish to pursuer before you make an application.

At IPC, Gulf  we have complete information regarding the courses available with the universities that we partner. In regard to that we give information on

  • Eligibility
  • Cost
  • Ratings

You can check the section on Career Counseling for a more details on how to chose a course and factors effecting your decisions.

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