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Each university has its own advantages and disadvantages. To gauge all the aspects and calculate what suits you the best is not an easy task. You would agree that when there are too many choices and equal amount of restraints that go hand in hand, a decision is a task that takes all of the energy.

To make a choice, we suggest you should take the 3 C’s into account:

  • Course offered
  • Cost
    • Tuition
    • Living
  • Campus
    • Size
    • Accommodation
    • City

In addition to that you should collect and evaluate the information such as:

  • International student body
  • Ranking
  • Faculty
  • Eligibility

The counselors at IPC, Dubai can help you “ZERO IN” to the university that best compliments you based on the given parameters and circumstances. For appointment contact us or fill the enquiry form so that we could assist you the best way we can.

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