Career Counselling

…… make a WISE decision!
To choose a career is not just a decision that shapes your future but also lays the foundation for the future of your loved ones. Albeit, it is not an easy decision, which taxes you both financially as well as emotionally, we at IPC help you put the pieces of the puzzle together.

We understand that the choices are coupled with restraints which breed confusion and become a point of concern for both the student as well as the parents. It is for times like these that IPC counselors provide PERSONAL GUIDANCE after carefully evaluation your ‘UNIQUE QUALITIES’ based on your :

  • Abilities
  • Values
  • Interest

We understand that to make the right choice in terms of choosing a career path, the right university and the right course, one need to have exhaustive and complete information and also have the facts to calculate the CHOICES Vs. FINANCES.

We at IPC, Dubai work towards providing all of this information so that we can successfully assist you into making “THE RIGHT CHOICE”

Our success meter lies in the satisfaction meter of the student. A satisfied student is our biggest asset, and a satisfied parent is our biggest source of advertising. We have almost all our student comes back to us with their friend and/or family so that we can provide the same high level of service.

Our experience from the last decade and our deep understanding of the student and the challenges one faces , we have designed a complete step by step presentation to provide a COUNSELLING SESSSION.

You will find it extremely useful and will find answers that will take you a step forward towards making a calculated decision based on facts and figures.

It is based on the ‘ACIP’ formula where we encourage you to collect and evaluate the information relevant to:


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