Most universities in the U.K. guarantee a place in the University accommodation as long as you fulfill the following criteria:

  • You have applied for a full academic session
  • You have received an offer by the university for their program
  • You have submitted an application for the accommodation before their ‘Last Date’. The web sites of the university will have these dates mentioned.

The accommodation is guaranteed for the first year of the course, after which the student can chose to live in the university accommodation (if the university allows) or find an accommodation outside.Most universities have a “Student Support” that can help the student look for an alternative accommodation.

Usually the universities have a list of recognized or patronized accommodation that they can give the student.If desired, accommodation is available in ‘same sex’ quarters as well. A student however needs to make a request well in advance for the university to accommodate the request.Each university offers more than one option of the accommodation. Sharing as well as single quarters are available. Family accommodation, if you are travelling with spouse and/or family, can also be arranged if one makes a request.

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